This season brings new dress styles to the wedding venues.There have been several length, silhouette, fabric and color changes to the wedding dress throughout the years.

The most popular silhouette is the A-Line

The A-Line: A dress silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Works well on most figure types. It is the most popular this year. It is very slim fitting and feminine.

Mermaid Style

The second most popular wedding dress is the gorgeous mermaid style. Mermaid styles are designed for the confident bride. This design beautifully highlights your curves and is the best choice for bottom heavy figures.

Modern Style

This year designers showcased the short wedding dress. This knee length dress is great to showcase your great legs. In previous seasons they were going shorter and shorter each year

Lace Fabric

Elegance, Purity & Chastity: This modest look is feminine glamorous and adds a conservative sexy look to your wedding dress style. Add simple earring and no other jewelry accessories are needed with this style.

New Trend in Wedding Industry 2014

Print, Color, Extravagant. The new trend in wedding dresses is to be bold and add color. This includes unique prints, color blocking or just having a completely different color such as blush pink or bright red.

Extravagant Dresses

Peplum Dress helps the extravagant bride shine exuberantly during her special days. It makes your figure look fabulous with form fitting proportionate waist and hips.

Bold, Bright, Beautiful Bride

This young, stylish, bold bride loves the spotlight and commands attention in Purple, Pink, Red, Gold and Pastels Wedding Dresses. This is not for the traditional bride. Be Bold, Beautiful and Extravagant. Enjoy your opulent wedding dress – Fabulous Bride!

New Collection by Max Shaul – Neon Colors

Vera Wang – Black and White, Visual illusion of this colors make your body look fabulous